Guidelines to Keep Vastu Trees at Home


When we plant a seed we hope that it brings in luck and prosperity in your household. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping green plants in your home adds an element of beauty at home, be it a spacious 4 BHK penthouse or a small yet lovely 2 BHK flat with ample space. Vastu trees help to balance the flow of energy. Plants or trees shower positivity and well being in our day to day life. Also, indoor plants add an aesthetic appeal to your living surroundings. Vastu trees at home help to maintain the perfect harmony with elements to get the maximum benefit.

But very few of us know about the trees that are not Vastu compliant or are considered inauspicious. As per Vedic sciences and Feng Shui, these trees bring negative energy and thus should not be kept at home. In this post, keeping Vastu guidelines in mind both the good and bad trees has been discussed.

Which Vastu Trees are Right for Your Home?

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing the Vastu trees for your place:

Bamboo for luck and peace


You can have a miniature bamboo sitting quietly in a corner and auguring good luck and wealth in your home. This kind of Vastu trees at home help protect inmates against the evil powers. It is considered one of the auspicious plants that are easy to maintain and has a long life. Bamboo tree is a synonym for health, wealth, and happiness. Avoid the dwarf potted bamboo as it goes against nature. Always prefer yellow colored bark over dark colored ones.

Holy Basil for financial success

holy basil

Basil or tulsi is regarded as the very auspicious plant in Hindu culture. This plant needs to be placed in the North, North-East direction. Generally worshiped in the home, it is believed to be a pure and holy plant which ward off negative energy and help achieve financial success. Basil is the mother of all holy plants and is highly revered. It also awakens the passion in anyone who eats it. Plant this at home and you will get medical benefits of this plant too to keep you and your family healthy. 

Lily to bring happiness and harmony

lilyThe dark green leaves with gorgeous white flowers spread a calmness in the atmosphere. This plant can be kept in the bedroom or living room or in an area where people practice meditation. The peace lily is a symbol of brightness that helps brighten any space. There are about 90 species in the genus Lilium. Asiatic and Oriental hybrids are the most popular types of lilies. According to Greek mythology, lily represents purity and innocence and symbolized the goddess Hera.

Neem tree generates positivity

neem treeLike other Vastu trees at home, it should also be planted in a specific direction. Thus, plant a Neem tree in the North-West corner of your home. It will help emanate negativity and generate positive vibes while ensuring good health in your home. 

Coconut tree removes sufferings

coconutThe coconut tree is believed to remove grief and sufferings and bring joy. These Vastu trees should be planted in the garden or courtyard of the home. Because of the usefulness, the coconut tree is remarked as a sacred tree. Coconut tree brings good luck

Money plant is also considered to be one of the luckiest plants when it comes to luck, wealth, and prosperity inside the home. Read more about the benefits associated with this plant and how to plant and nurture it. A Brief Insight into Lucky Money Plant for Home

Which Trees Should Not be Kept at Home?

Avoid to keep these trees inside your house:

Bonsai Trees Restrict Growth


Vastu and astrological predictions state that bonsai trees should not be kept inside the house. They are believed to restrict growth in house.

Cotton Plant is Inauspicious


The cotton plant, silk cotton plant and Palmyra tree also known as Doub Palm is not considered to be auspicious and should not be planted around a home.

Thorny Plants Bring Negativity


These plants are a strict no-no inside the house, but the only exception here is a beautiful rose plant. Babul is a thorny plant that can create disputes at home.

Cactus Means Loneliness


Cactus is also a thorny plant when place inside the home can create loneliness and scarcity of abundance. It brings in a lot of negative energy. However, it can be planted outside the home where it can receive abundant sunlight to blossom and spread positivity.

 Destroy Wealth and Health


Creepers should not be grown indoors. It invites negative energies wherein there will be a loss in finance and health of the house.

Dead Trees bring bad luck

dead plant with dry leaves closeup isolated on white

Do not ever keep dead or dying trees at home. Even dry flowers bring bad luck.

Other than above points, you should take care that big or tall trees are not planted in the East or North-East directions. This activates negative energy. Also, do not keep the potted plants along the North and East walls of the house.

Vastu trees at home shower you with peace, joy, and prosperity whilst raising the positive energy levels. So take good care of trees by planting them at the right places. Nurturing them will not only act as a stress buster but will help you relax and unwind as well. They can bring a lot of cheer and happiness in your lives.

Go a step ahead and add beauty into your home!


5 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Kids Room

Most of your design and styling ideas are limited to choosing the color scheme and furniture when it comes to decorating your kid’s room. But, this is not the right way, you need to explore more options to transform your child room into something magical. And we can help you do this with our fantastic and practical schemes. We’ve assembled 5 unique ideas to have amazing kid’s room in your flat.

Go gender neutral and super stylish

It is a practical choice for a nursery, or when a boy or a girl are sharing a room. Go for a monochrome scheme that will work well for either sex. Paint the room with black and white. This contemporary look will work for your child for years to come and can be easily customized as your child grows. Be playful and create a teepee tent made from cotton and wooden sticks. You can also make a tree house with a sturdy piece of furniture and work around it. It works perfectly in a room with high ceilings.
Dedicate a special place in a child’s room for reading. Scatter cushions and versatile storage with a beautiful bookcase.

Use clever mini-me style furniture

Add small but chic tables to fit even in the tightest of spaces. A retro classic shelving unit with easy to reach height for your little ones will be good for keeping different items. Have a sleek and stylish desk for homework and odd computer gaming purposes.

Add bright and imaginative wall art

You can add graphics with a bit of drama. Choose big wall decals or vibrant wall stickers to break up a block color and go for fun and playful designs that little ones will love. Echo the favorite theme with 3D frames for a cherished look. Spell your child’s name with decorative wall letters. Large wooden characters mounted on a playful design can give your kid a sense of ownership. Be innovative and use unique objects like lean striking painted wood branches against the walls. These branches can also be used as funky clothes hooks.

Add lots of lights

Implement as much light as you can in your kid’s room. Attractive floor lamps, floating lights, and other movable lights can help make your child’s room pleasing overall glow. Even installing dimmers at your wall switches is a great idea.

Give a Cheer for Pom-Poms

The tissue pom is inexpensive and easy to make. It’s a whimsical party favorite that can add a cheerful feeling to a kid’s bedroom decor. Try to add different size poms in same shade color for maximum effect.

Additions don’t have to be huge. Even the smallest dabs and dashes of personality can also make a big difference. These ideas will definitely spruce up your kid’s room and add substance to your home.

Have you recently moved to a new home? Need some creative home decor ideas to spruce up your kid’s room? Well, the above-mentioned ideas will certainly help you out while decorating your child’s room.

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Social media marketing is more than just adding a few followers to your brand profile. It will let you reach your customers and identify more marketing opportunities in depth.

Relationship building is also a part of this as simple gestures such as replying to inbox messages, responding via comments can help achieve a bond between the brand and the customers which can lead to long term association with the consumers. However there are many trends which must be analyzed in order to form family like bond with customers.

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