5 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Kids Room

Most of your design and styling ideas are limited to choosing the color scheme and furniture when it comes to decorating your kid’s room. But, this is not the right way, you need to explore more options to transform your child room into something magical. And we can help you do this with our fantastic and practical schemes. We’ve assembled 5 unique ideas to have amazing kid’s room in your flat.

Go gender neutral and super stylish

It is a practical choice for a nursery, or when a boy or a girl are sharing a room. Go for a monochrome scheme that will work well for either sex. Paint the room with black and white. This contemporary look will work for your child for years to come and can be easily customized as your child grows. Be playful and create a teepee tent made from cotton and wooden sticks. You can also make a tree house with a sturdy piece of furniture and work around it. It works perfectly in a room with high ceilings.
Dedicate a special place in a child’s room for reading. Scatter cushions and versatile storage with a beautiful bookcase.

Use clever mini-me style furniture

Add small but chic tables to fit even in the tightest of spaces. A retro classic shelving unit with easy to reach height for your little ones will be good for keeping different items. Have a sleek and stylish desk for homework and odd computer gaming purposes.

Add bright and imaginative wall art

You can add graphics with a bit of drama. Choose big wall decals or vibrant wall stickers to break up a block color and go for fun and playful designs that little ones will love. Echo the favorite theme with 3D frames for a cherished look. Spell your child’s name with decorative wall letters. Large wooden characters mounted on a playful design can give your kid a sense of ownership. Be innovative and use unique objects like lean striking painted wood branches against the walls. These branches can also be used as funky clothes hooks.

Add lots of lights

Implement as much light as you can in your kid’s room. Attractive floor lamps, floating lights, and other movable lights can help make your child’s room pleasing overall glow. Even installing dimmers at your wall switches is a great idea.

Give a Cheer for Pom-Poms

The tissue pom is inexpensive and easy to make. It’s a whimsical party favorite that can add a cheerful feeling to a kid’s bedroom decor. Try to add different size poms in same shade color for maximum effect.

Additions don’t have to be huge. Even the smallest dabs and dashes of personality can also make a big difference. These ideas will definitely spruce up your kid’s room and add substance to your home.

Have you recently moved to a new home? Need some creative home decor ideas to spruce up your kid’s room? Well, the above-mentioned ideas will certainly help you out while decorating your child’s room.